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One last Hoorah before you’re a Mrs.

It’s time to celebrate!! The love of your life just asked you to be his wife and your girls are ready to PARTY!! But where?? Don’t fret! We’ve got a few ideas.

1. Atlanta, Georgia

One perfect bachelorette destination is right around the corner!! Atlanta is full of luxurious spas, amazing restaurants, and shopping for days. it’s the perfect destination for someone who wants to get away but still stay close to home. Searching for a luxe spa? Check out the Waldorf Astoria Spa for a relaxing spa treatment or a refreshing sauna experience. Love activities? Check out the painted Pin, a 21+ bowling alley full of unique games and tasty drinks for you and your bridesmaids to enjoy! What about a mixology class? I mean how fun would it be to learn how to make your favorite cocktail with your besties!! The possibilities in ATL are endless!

Consider these places!

Waldorf Astoria Spa Mixology Classes USA The Painted Pin

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Searching for a place with some southern charm and a vibrant atmosphere? Charleston is the perfect place to go. Charleston is filled with a vast variety of activities, ranging from historical site bike tours to bar hopping, making it the perfect destination for any bridal party. From upscale hotel experiences to slurping oysters with a Bloody Mary In hand, Charleston is sure to amaze. Charleston is also filled with so many fun activities such as basket weaving, yoga, candle making, wine & design, and so much more! The spa scene is also hopping with Dry bars and of course many places to get manis and pedis! Also, Who doesn’t love the idea of a booze cruise? Yep, they have those too! So… if you’re searching for your fave bachelorette destination be sure to check out Charleston!

The Gin Joint Wine & Design 167 Raw

Don’t forget to stop by rainbow row to capture some beautiful pictures of you and your girl gang! This iconic southern port city is sure to leave an impression.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Who doesn’t love the idea of a #NashBash? Nashville, the capital of country music, is the perfect place for a bride who loves fun experiences, live music, and cute pictures. Nashville is filled with new experiences such as: candle making classes, Burlesque shows, pole dancing lessons, touring the country music hall of fame, and party buses (just to name a few). The bars in Nashville are filled with live music on most nights making it the perfect destination to chill and sip on some drinks or get on the dance floor and boogy. Don’t forget the awesome photo ops too! What better way to remember your bachelorette party than pictures at some of the most famous spots.

Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville Photo Ops Biscuit Love

4. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, One of the oldest historical cities in America, is next on our list of bachelorette destinations. Savannah is the perfect place to learn a bit of history in the day and wind down with some drinks at night. Searching for a party destination that doesn’t blow the budget? One of the things we love about Savannah is that you can bring your own alcohol to walk around the town with. This way you’re not stuck in one bar until you finish your drink or racking up the tab. Searching for a unique experience? Check out Mata Mari Speakeasy, which you can only gain access with a key from a local… While in Savannah, don’t forget to take a spooky ghost tour, relax at one of the piano bars, or hop over to Tybee Island for a fun beach day!

Marta Mari Speakeasy Ghost Tours Savannah Smiles

5. Hilton Head

Searching for a more laid back experience? Check out Hilton Head. The sandy beaches and bike trails are the perfect place for someone searching for a little outdoor relaxation. Hilton head is full of fun outdoor activities such as sailing sunset cruises, ziplining, and parasailing. Oh and don’t forget about the dolphin tours and paddle boarding! If you’re wanting a little retail therapy while you’re away, The Village at Wexford is one of the many outdoor shopping destinations. Still wanting a place to sip some cocktails? Don’t worry, they have that too! Check out Pool Bar Jim’s or Hurricane Bar!

Pool Bar Jim's Dolphin Tours Sunset Cruise

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