Nichole + Drew Ferguson

Willow Creek Farm | 10.20.19

"We met at work, about 8 years ago. We both work at a small, private liberal arts college in North Georgia. Drew was leading a training on a new university software when I first saw him, and thought he was cute - so of course, I looked him up on social media. He was in a relationship, so I quickly put him out of my mind. Fast forward to almost two years later and a time when we were both single, and our paths at work crossed again. At that point, we became friends which is an important foundation to our now-marriage!

We have been together over 5 years now, including a few months of marriage! We both had reasons for wanting to take our relationship slow - and just when I thought maybe it was going TOO slow (I was ready for "I do!"), Drew proposed!

- The Proposal Story -

Drew likes to joke that he makes grand, romantic gestures so that he doesn't have to sweat the small stuff - and boy, does he deliver! Our proposal story is something like out of a fairytale, and definitely not something I ever imagined.

For the last several years, Drew has planned "Super Secret Summer Surprise" trips for us where he helps me pack for a trip to a mystery destination. I never have any ideas of where we'll end up - I just trust him completely! In October of 2018, we were gearing up for a belated "SSSS" trip. When our plane landed, we were in Philly - we got out, got lunch, trudged through the city and I thought that was out destination. Imagine my surprise when after all that (diversion!) we ended up back at the airport - and on a plane to Scotland! We spent a magical week in Scotland and Ireland hiking, visiting museums, and eating wonderful food.

On the third day, he told me we were going for a boat ride, and I remember being confused that he was dressed.... somewhat nicely while I was in waterproof pants and boots. So, at his gentle suggesting, I changed into something a bit "cuter." Now, I should have been suspicious, but it was early in the morning and pre-coffee, so I didn't question it!

When we arrived to the location where our boat was meant to take off - a town called Elgol on the Isle of Skye - the weather was too choppy and the boat was cancelled. Drew seemed pretty upset, so when he asked if I would mind at least walking on the beach for a minute (the rainy, cold, October Scottish beach), I felt compelled to accept. There were a few other people walking around down there, so it couldn't be that bad. Little did I know, those people were actually the photographer and her team Drew had hired to capture the proposal! They had champagne ready for us and took beautiful engagement photos for us. The final amazing surprise - Drew had managed to smuggle Outlander-esque costumes (made by his brilliant sister) into his CARRY ON.

So at one point, our photographer literally captured engagement photos of us dressed as Outlander-esque characters on an actual Scottish moor. If I didn't know he was a keeper before, that really sealed the deal.

- The Wedding Day -

The planning process for our wedding was very smooth - thanks in large part to the amazing staff at SSE and Willow Creek! Drew and I both had a lot of ideas for how to make our wedding "us" - while it was stressful deciding how to do that in a unique (but reasonable!) way, in the end we are so glad that we did.

My husband is well known for his spreadsheet skills, so no one would be surprised to hear that there were many spreadsheets involved in our planning process - one for venues, one for budget, one for the guest list, one for vendors, photographers, etc. So much planning on the front end helped things to run more smoothly later on. Drew was really involved with the whole process, and we leaned on family and friends a lot through the process as well to bounce ideas off of.

I have SO many thoughts about our wedding day, and so much joy. I don't think I stopped smiling that whole day!

People warned me that the day would go by fast, so I tried hard to be very present (I didn't always succeed!) But there were some incredibly special moments that came out of that day:

My oldest friend and matron of honor was 8 months pregnant, and now has a beautiful baby girl. We played softball in braces together, and now we are both married and she has a baby. It was a very special moment.

Being surrounded by my bridesmaids' love and warmth, when they all come from such different times or my life. Many of them didn't know each other before the process started, and it was so amazing to see them all become fast friends.

Hilarity ensued when our photographer tried to get me to "pop the champagne" for a photo outside the bridal suite - there is a sequence of photos where she had me shake it to try and "re-fizz" it not once, but twice - and the second time, it sprayed ALL over her! She took it like such a champ, and we all laughed over it - and it made for hilarious photos!

My husband's grandmother was very sick leading up to the wedding, and we did not think she would make it. She got out of the hospital the day before the wedding (by force I think, and not the doctor's choice), and though she couldn't make it down to the ceremony site, she and Drew's grandfather were at the reception. Seeing them was so special, and we have a beautiful picture the photographer snapped of them together. His grandmother passed away the month after the wedding, so it is even more special that she made it to that day and we will cherish that.

THE FLASH MOB. Yes, flash mob. For whatever reason, for as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of having a Les Mis "One Day More" flash mob at my wedding. I didn't think so much about the dress, or the venue, or the cake - but that flash mob was a must. And, something I just knew would never happen.

But, remember how I said Drew likes to make grand gestures? He got a group of very talented wedding guests together, and they rehearsed for 6 months before the wedding to absolutely floor me on the day with their rendition. I cried many times that day, but that moment really took my breath away.

All of our vendors were amazing - the photo booth was so much fun and we have an amazing keepsake now; the cakes and food were wonderful; the DJ kept the party going; photographer and videographer will help me hold on to these memories forever; hair and makeup made us all feel so beautiful; the SSE team... WOW! I wasn't worried about anything because they had everything under control and perfect. Thank you.

Having both of our families there, and those special moments were involved in was truly priceless.

My favorite thing about being married... Well, it's the same and not the same at all! We still get tickled saying "husband" and "wife," and I hope that never changes. I love that we get to come home to each other and plan for the life we want to keep building together!


Venue | Willow Creek Farm

Coordination | Soirees Southern Events

Florals & Decor | Soirees Southern Events

Engagement Photography | Penny Hardie Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Engagement Costumes | Stephanie Garrett

Wedding Photography | Tasnia Malek

Videography | Compass Films

Hair & Makeup | Make Me Up

Catering | Luna's

Bar Services | Fro' the Occasion

DJ | NDL Entertainment

Cake | Sugartopia

Photo Booth | Elephant Shoe Co.

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