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{Let's Get Creative - Seating Charts}

Ohhh seating we have such mixed feelings about you. You are a pain to put together but a necessity to make sure our big day runs smoothly! Everyone knows we can't risk your sister sitting next to your old college roommate (dating someones ex doesn't always make for great conversation), so we must have you! The only way to make seating charts more enjoyable are to make them Cute! So here are some creative ideas to make your seating chart worthwhile!


There are tons of cute ways to make your seating chart and here are just a few examples to add a little flare to your big day, but to still keep it traditional.


There are also some creative ways to make your seating chart just a little bit more fun for everyone!

Two Birds with One Stone

(Seating Chart & Favors)

And then there are ways to make your seating chart cute and practical! Combine it with your favor to make for a fun adventure for your guests.

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