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{ Grace & Austin McKinnis }

Grace and Austin's wedding in March was such a joy to be a part of! This sweet couple's love story is below, from here! Thank you for letting us be a small part of your big day! We wish you both the best!

How They Met

"On September 12th of 2014 we both were volunteering at a camp through our church. It was a youth camp so we were both leaders. We knew of each other through our friends but we hadn't officially met until this day at camp. We hung out a little throughout the weekend then when we got back from camp we began to hang out much more. We became really close and were best friends within a few months. But, we didn't go on our first date until exactly a year later on September 12th of 2015... and the rest is history!!!!!"

The Proposal

"In October, one day Austin texted me and asked if I wanted to go up to Dahlonega that weekend. Dahlonega is one of my favorite towns in the whole world and whenever we get a chance, I always ask if we can go. Another secret is that every time we go, it rains. Without fail. This day was no exception... Austin had been telling me there was no way we could engaged anytime soon. And he even decided to "bet" me $50 that my dad might not say yes when he asked for my hand in marriage. Of course I knew my parents would so I did it. So we went to Dahlonega in the pouring rain and he brought me to our favorite spot by the reservoir. As we were walking, there was a $50 bill on the ground, I didn't want to be dishonest so I said no when Austin told me to pick it up. Haha! So he picked it up and it had a note on it that said "You won!". By the time I had processed it all Austin was down on one knee and there was a professional photographer taking our pictures. It is all a blur but it was absolutely perfect!!!!!"

Grace & Austin's Wedding Video:

Coordination: Allison Dolph - Soirees Southern Events

Florals and Decor: Sherri Christensen - Soirees Southern Events

Photography: Laura Hamon Photography

Videography: Blake Pace Productions

DJ: Backwoodz Boyz Entertainment

Catering: Smokehouse BBQ Cake: Sugartopia

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