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You just got engaged and the excitement of wedding planning is in full swing! You're trying to make a checklist for the things you need to accomplish before your big day but you're not quiet sure exactly how far in advance you should begin looking for a venue. We have a few tips just for you to keep your wedding timeline on track!

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When is the best time to book a venue? Six months? Nine months? A year in advance? Honestly, the sooner the better in our opinion! One of the first things you want to accomplish after you get engaged is selecting your venue. All other wedding services can be selected after you have found the perfect place to say "I Do"! Once you have your venue booked and your date you can take a little more time to enjoy your engagement period, but everything else you do hinges on selecting a venue and a date so be sure to make this your number one priority!

Willow Creek Farm is a beautiful destination perfect for any couple looking for a venue that highlights the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. One of the things that makes Willow Creek Farm a unique venue is the large bridal suite that it offers. It's big and spacious which makes it perfect for any size bridal party. The fact that the bridal suite is on site makes it convenient for any last minute touchups that might be needed. The shabby chic decor is just an added bonus and makes for the perfect Joanna Gaines picturesque spot.

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The best time to book this venue would be between nine months to a year before your big day. This allows for more options when selecting a date for your wedding and it will give you more time to select your other wedding vendors without feeling rushed. Booking this far in advance allows you to be able to have multiple consultations with your wedding coordinator (which is included in the price)!

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Don't have a particular date or season that you prefer to get married in and want to stay within your budget? Willow Creek Farm offers weddings on Sundays & Fridays for a discounted price compared to Saturday weddings. This is a perfect option for couples who fall in love with the venue but would like to save as much money as possible to stay within their budget.

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Willow Creek Farm also offers off season pricing for the months of January, February, March, July, August, and December. Booking your wedding during one of these off season months could save you as much as $500. These months are still some of the prettiest months at Willow Creek Farm so don't let a little heat or cold air scare you away.

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Another reason that couples choose to book with Willow Creek Farm is because of the beautiful creek side wedding site. It's so peaceful with the rushing creek water in the background. The large tree coverage makes it a perfect venue for any time of the year, but it definitely helps to shade off the sun during the hot summer months. Willow Creek Farm also has beautiful places to take pictures whether that be in front of the creek, in the pasture with the beautiful North Georgia mountains in the background, by the willows with the cutest little sign up front, or on the gorgeous bridge near the grooms cabin.

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Shelby Norris Photography, Shelby Norris Photography

Willow Creek Farm barn is an open and spacious area which makes it a perfect place for receptions. The barn can seat up to 170 guests inside while also including a dance floor. The open air pavilion out front is a perfect place for cocktail hour as well as your ceremony, in case of bad weather. Willow Creek Farm offers a variety of different ceremony spaces which allows for couples to personalize the venue and create a day that is unique to them!

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Your perfect day is all about you and your fiancé and the love you have for one another. Choose a wedding venue that compliments your personalities and that falls within the perfect price range for your budget. Selecting a venue can be stressful but don't let that steal your wedding bliss. Begin looking for venues and enjoy the adventure of wedding planning. Happy Planning!

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